Frequently Asked Questions

What is the material like?

FIberglass with comfy foam on the back side. Unbreakable in football practice, normally used in the military and aeronautic industries.

What is included in the price?

Graphic design work, calf sleeves which hold shinnies during the match/practice, production of the shinguards and fast delivery.

Where are the shinpads from?

Made in Slovakia.

How long does the design last on the material?

Lifelong. Impossible to scratch.

What do I need to do to create my own pair?

You need to send photos/pictures and a short description of how do you want them to look like. Better your description, better the design.

Can I see my design before the shin guards are produced?

Yes. We will edit your design as many times as needed.

May I use images from other people, logos, brands, etc.?

Yes, since it’s for your personal use.

What is the warranty period for the product?

Our product has a 2-year warranty period with issues regarding normal use in the practice of soccer.

How many sizes do you offer?

Medium and small.